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Reconditioned Engines & Engine Customizations

Either built from scratch or brought back from the last breath. IAS has the expertise to build them back better than new!

Our Projects - Reconditioned Engines

We could go on and on about all the jobs we’ve completed so far, but isn’t it just so much better to show you? Just take a look at all the engines we brought back to life, fully customized or put together completely from the ground up. This is what happens when passion meets knowledge.

What Is a Reconditioned Engine?

It’s an engine that’s been stripped and disassembled for thorough cleaning, inspection and part upgrade or replacements, especially if any of them has worn out. It’s pretty simple – at least in theory. The engine goes through a lot. And the thing is, it’s not just a single part – it’s a whole system with plenty of different, much smaller elements. Over time, they just wear out but – they don’t do it at the same rate. And there’s nothing unusual about it. That obviously affects the engine operation. This is the moment when it’s not a bad idea to think about restoring (or reconditioning) your engine. It’s quite likely that some parts simply need to be replaced, but overall chances are – it still has a lot of life left in it.

Why You Should Consider Reconditioning

There are plenty of reasons but how about affordability? A whole new engine comes with a hefty price tag more often than not, and reconditioning is a good alternative if you’re looking to keep some of that hard-earned cash in your pocket. With reconditioning, your cylinder head can be restored to optimal condition, which helps improve the engine’s performance, fuel efficiency and – power output. Sometimes all your engine needs is just a thorough cleaning and a few parts replaced – and you can both get back on the Fury Road!


Yes, they absolutely are – provided the process was properly conducted by skilled professionals. The whole point is to improve reliability and minimise any risks of breakdowns, failures or malfunctions through meticulous inspection, thorough cleaning and refurbishment of certain parts with one goal in mind – to match or even exceed the original specifications.

Reconditioning vs. Remanufacturing

The difference lies in a technicality because both have the very same purpose and that is – restoring an engine.

So, what is a remanufactured engine? Remanufacturing is a standardised industrial process, so the engine maintains the original warranty that typically involves the replacement of damaged or worn-out components. It’s a bit more stringent compared to reconditioning, with a wide range of different requirements for that very reason.

For reconditioning, it’s all about getting your engine up and running and your vehicle – back on the road again where it belongs, or helping it reach new heights, mostly in terms of horsepower and performance.

How It’s Done

We make it sound – and frankly speaking, look – easy, but it’s not. This is still a meticulous process that requires a lot of care, attention, expertise and work, which obviously we’re happy to do! The entire engine has to be disassembled to properly clean and assess individual parts. Based on that we do whatever needs to be done – from machining to replacing worn-out elements with new ones.  If you’d like to find out more, here’s more detailed information on engine reconditioning