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Diesel Engine Services with IAS

Just because we’re experts in complex and intricate car modifications, doesn’t mean we’re all about custom cars and don’t know our way around a good ol’ diesel engine. Of course, we spend a fair share of time performing specialised modifications for high-performance vehicles, street and race cars, but our offer also includes routine checks and maintenance as well as regular engine servicing. Your family Toyota or KIA is just as welcome in our shop as a Mustang GT!

Regular auto servicing

IAS – Diesel Mechanic Near Me

Did you know that diesel check-ups should be done every 5,000 kilometres or six months, depending on which one comes first?

The good news is that these are fairly simple and much less expensive than highly complex modifications, reconditioning or custom-made solutions, like high-performance exhaust systems.

The only thing you can’t afford here is to forget to schedule the appointment!

Do Your Engine a Favour

We do it all here at IAS. And that applies to diesel engines as well – from simple and routine stuff like:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Air filter replacement
  • Urea injection system refilling
  • Fuel system bleeding
  • Water-separator collection bins draining


All of the above extend the lifespan of your engine and make sure you get to enjoy – and more importantly – use your car hassle-free for years. On top of that, we also offer logbook servicing for diesel engine-powered vehicles. There are, of course, some popular and most commonly occurring issues when it comes to diesel models, and we know exactly how to deal with them as well, including:

  • Fuel injector or injector pump replacements
  • Glow plug replacements
  • Lead-acid storage batteries
  • Compression ratio fixes
  • Bearings replacements
  • Oil weight viscosity adjustments
  • … and more

Quick Reference Diesel Engine Maintenance Checklist

We get that prices are going up in every sector – to save you some trouble, here’s a quick guide with a handful of things you can do on your own to save yourself a trip to an auto shop:

  • Coolant Checks

    We mix the coolant with water to protect the radiator from either freezing or overheating. If it’s not changed regularly, it tends to turn acidic which poses a serious threat to the entire cooling system. We know what acid does to metals.

  • Clean Your Engine

    Make sure your engine is free from dust, dirt and grime as it can go a long way when it comes to your engine’s health and reliability. It’s worth the effort, trust us.

  • Fuel Filter Change

    There are typically 2 fuel filters in diesel and it’s best to replace them both every 16,000-24,000 kilometres for safety.

  • Replace Air Filters

    There’s no rule here; this actually depends mostly on the climate you live in.

  • Change Your Oil

    You can find plenty of information on how often you should change the oil in your car. Technically it’s about 8,000 kilometres but if you drive around a lot and tend to push your car, you should do it more frequently.

our process

Diesel repairs are usually far less complicated than other things we do around here, which is also why the way we go about them is much more straightforward. In a nutshell, there are three steps:

Diesel Engines – Frequently Asked Questions

We want to share as much knowledge as possible, which is why we decided to leave the answers to some burning questions for your convenience. Don’t worry, we’re still here if you need any further assistance!

What are some of the most common issues with diesel engines?

Fuel system problems, injector malfunctions, turbocharger issues, and cooling system failures. Regular servicing helps identify and address these issues in time.

How often should I service my diesel engine?

The frequency depends on factors like mileage, driving conditions, and manufacturer recommendations. Typically, diesel engines benefit from more frequent servicing compared to gas engines.

How do I know if my diesel engine needs repairing?

There are lots of telltale signs – from excessive smoke, decreased power, unusual noises, ignition issues or worse fuel efficiency. If you notice any of these – it’s time to schedule a diagnostic check.

Can regular servicing actually prevent problems with diesel engines?

That’s the beauty of it is – yes. Routine servicing is a key ingredient for preventing major issues in these engines. With regular oil changes, fuel system checks, and overall inspections you can identify and address potential problems before they grow too big.

Does a diesel engine have spark plugs?

Spark plugs are essential parts but of petrol engines. Diesel models use glow plugs instead.

What causes diesel engine runaway?

The most common issue is oil in the intake. But there are others, of course. Let’s take fuel-contaminated air or a stuck accelerator pedal as examples. Also, older models sometimes have to deal with fuel pump fails.

Are diesel engines more expensive to maintain?

While they require less frequent checks but when it comes to servicing itself diesel engines do tend to be more expensive.

How to tune a diesel car?

It’s a quite complex process that can cover a range of tweaks aimed at optimizing its performance, fuel efficiency, and drivability by adjusting various parameters in the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). That, of course, requires specialised knowledge and equipment.

Do I need to go to a specialized auto shop for diesel repairs?

While general automotive technicians can definitely handle some diesel engine fixes, specialized diesel mechanics have in-depth knowledge and experience. It’s your call, but not everybody will be able to take care of every issue – sometimes you just need a real pro in a very narrow field. With that being said, most auto shops are more than qualified to fix diesel engines.

Diesel Mechanic Near Me? Visit IAS!

Engine is the heart of your vehicle – whether it’s a car or motorbike. Make sure you take good care of it while you can. Just like with the human body – prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait, schedule your next appointment today! You can find our shop on Albion Park Rail, 73 Hargreaves Street.

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